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Alerts extension: How to add alerts to a Freshservice theme

Jeffrey Davis
Modified on: Fri, 25 Mar, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Because of the Freshservice limitations, the alerts extension can only be hard-coded into the template. Therefore, you need to edit the code to make changes.

Change visibility

The alert is visible now. To hide it, add the "is-hidden" class to the “bt-alerts” element in the Header template:

Change type

There are 4 types of alerts: bt-alert--info, bt-alert--success, bt-alert--warning, bt-alert--danger. Each type has a different background color and icon.





You can change the type of the alert in the “bt-alerts” element:

Change text

The text can be changed in the "bt-alert__body" element (around line 22):

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